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Flow Measurement in large Collector Duct

Flow Measurement in large Collector Duct
Situation on site
Flow Measurement in large Collector Duct


  • Trapezoid canal with dry weather flume and sloping bottom, 10 m x 2.5 m (w x h)
  • Part filled
  • Old concrete
  • Lateral inflow upstream of measurement place
Durchflussmessung im großen Sammelkanal
Durchflussmessung im großen Sammelkanal

Definition of tasks

  • Detection of combined sewage discharge between 200 l/s and 20.000 l/s (nighttime discharge - rainfall)
  • High accuracy of the system despite curved canal and lateral inflow upstream of measurement place
  • System should be insensitive to soiling
Flow Measurement in large Collector Duct
Measurement Setup
Flow Measurement in large Collector Duct


  • An ultrasonic cross correlation system type NivuFlow 750-M9 was used which can be used in connection with up to 9 flow velocity sensors.
  • Two wedge sensors installed on the bottom of each the dry weather flume as well as the left and right berm reliably detect the heavily distorted velocity distribution within the special profile.


  • Scientifically proven hydraulic models which have been implemented in the transmitter ensure high accuracy.
  • The cross correlation method and the flow- optimised sensors guarantee high resistance to soiling.

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