Channel Networks - Pump Stations and Lifting Facilities

Level Measurement Pump Well

Flow Measurement in pump well
Pump well with two pumps
Flow Measurement in pump well


  • Well diameter 1.8 m
  • Depth of well 6.5 m
  • Two wet installed pumps
  • Pressure pipe installed in the centre

Definition of tasks

  • Pump control in alternate duty assist mode
  • Switching points at levels of 2 m and 4 m
  • Maximum level report
  • Dry run protection
  • Transmission of levels to control system
Level Measurement in Pump Well
Schematic diagram of two pumps in alternate duty assist mode
Level Measurement in Pump Well


  • An ultrasonic measurement Type NivuMaster Ultra has been used.
  • The implemented variable pump mode provides a great number of options such as the alternate duty assist mode desired by customer.
  • Obstacles on the sides of the sonic lobe such as ladders, steps, cables, pipes, pumps and other constructions can be covered using the built-in agitator avoidance.


  • Non-contacting
  • Measuring and controlling in one unit

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