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Flow Measurement Pumps

Flow measurement for pump efficiency
Pump shaft with built-in measurement system
Flow measurement for pump efficiency


  • Pipe diameter 0.15 m, made of steel
  • Full pipe
  • Wet pumps

Definition of tasks

  • Determination of efficiency and alert when reaching the wear limit
  • Quick and cost-efficient upgrade of a wastewater pump station with a flow measurement
  • Measurement insensitive to grease and films
  • Existing pumping line should remain in place if possible
Flow measurement for pump efficiency
Sensor mounting principle
Flow measurement for pump efficiency


  • The flow measurement system Type NFP has been used.
  • Verifies the operating point of the pump, the degree of wear and clogging can be detected.
  • The existing riser has been complemented merely by an additional nozzle and a hole has been drilled.


  • Easy, straightforward and quick upgrading within 2 hours.
  • High accuracy and reliability.
  • Measurement without electrodes and independent of conductivity.

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