Channel Networks - Stormwater Treatment Facilities

Discharge Measurement with GPRS Transmission

Discharge measurement and GPRS  transmission
Discharge measurement and GPRS transmission
Discharge measurement and GPRS  transmission


  • Closed stormwater overflow in channel network
  • Manhole entry in the middle of a road, difficult accessibility conditions
  • Ex zone 1
  • No mains power supply available

Definition of tasks

  • Investigation of discharge volume using level measurement and calculation according to Poleni
  • Extended constructional measures such as connection to public electricity supply shall be avoided
  • Data transmission via GPRS out of the closed manhole shaft
  • Long system lifetime
Discharge Measurement with GPRS Transmission
Principle of measurement and data transmission
Discharge Measurement with GPRS Transmission


  • By using the battery-powered GPRS data logger Type NivuLog 2 Ex extensive building operations were not necessary. Thanks to IP 67 protection it was possible to install the logger directly in the manhole shaft of the building.
  • The discharge sill has been equipeed with a level measurement which is directly supplied by the data logger.
  • The discharge volume is calculated in the "Device to Web" (D2W) online portal utilising a saved breakpoint chart.
  • The automatically transmitted readings are password-protected and can be viewed as tables or graphs from any workplace featuring Internet access.

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