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Flow Measurement in Service Reservoir

Flow Measurement in Service Reservoir
Storage Lake
Flow Measurement in Service Reservoir


  • Special profile, approx. 2.5 x 2.0 m (h x w)
  • Part filled
  • Channel made of natural stone and concrete
  • High flow dynamics

Definition of tasks

  • Detection of readings of a service reservoir intake for volume control and water management
  • The measurement systems must ensure reliable handling of high flow dynamics from very low inflow up to a maximum inflow of up to 2000 l/s
Flow Measurement in Service Reservoir
Measurement point
Flow Measurement in Service Reservoir


  • A flow measurement system Type NivuFlow 750 has been used. The level is detected by a separate compact echo sounder.
  • The sensor has been installed on a stainless steel plate to prevent the sensor from obstruction and to avoid vorticity on the channel bottom.


  • The particular profile can be easily programmed thanks to the user-friendly programming structure of the transmitter
  • The high measurement dynamics can be reliably handled thanks to specially adusted sensor systems

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