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Irrigation Channel Flow Measurement

Irrigation Channel Flow Measurement
Planed measurement point
Irrigation Channel Flow Measurement


  • Trapezoid concrete channel 9.5 x 2.5 m (w x h)
  • Partially filled
  • Very high volumes and velocities from time to time

Definition of tasks

  • Detection and control of the volumes removed for irrigation purposes
  • Transmission of measurement data to center via existing network (Ethernet)
  • Highly dynamic measurement required (flow velocities from 0 – 200 cm/s)
Irrigation Channel Flow Measurement
REcorded flow profile fpr calibration
Irrigation Channel Flow Measurement


  • The flow measurement system Type NivuFlow 650 has been used.
  • The economically most cost-efficient solution was to use two measurement paths. Excellent accuracy has been achieved by calibrating the system under varying operating conditions.


  • Reliable and stable measurement covering the entire flow range up to velocities higher than 2m/s
  • Cost-efficient measurement even in large channel dimensions

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