Flowing Waters - Power Plants

Dam Intake Measurement

Dam Intake Measurement
Measurement point with sensors
Dam Intake Measurement


  • Rectangular channel 1.80 x 3.00 m (h x w), partially concrete, partially dry-stone walls
  • Part filled
  • Rainwater and surface water
  • Short calming section
  • Manual detection of flow rates (level reading and Q/h-table) destroyed after flood

Definition of tasks

  • Continuous, automated flow measurement of turbine intake
  • High measurement accuracy despite short and unfavourable calming section for optimum use of the turbine for energy production
  • Maintenance-free system required since no personnel available
Dam Intake Measurement
Installation principle
Dam Intake Measurement


  • Ultrasonic transit time measurement with NivuFlow 650 was chosen due to the relatively clean medium.
  • A section of the channel bottom was planed with concrete improving the hydraulic conditions at the measurement point.
  • To achieve high accuracy after compensating skew flow behind the bend a crosswise 2-path measurement with transit time sensors mounted in different heights were installed.


  • Easy installation, easy accessibility, high accuracy, reliability and maintenance-free.

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