Flowing Waters - Special Constructions

Flow Measurement on Sluice

Flow measurement on sluice
View of sluice
Flow measurement on sluice


  • Rectangular channel 5 x 5 m
  • Part filled
  • Concrete lining
  • Flow in both directions possible

Definition of tasks

  • Measurement of feed and drain volumes in the system channel to sluice chambers
  • High accuracy required to create a water balance of the channel system
  • Proven and reliable low-maintenance measurement system
Flow measurement on sluice
Measurement scheme
Flow measurement on sluice


  • The bidirectional NivuFlow NF650 flow measurement system was used.
  • 3 measuring levels with 2 crossed paths each and the positions of the hemisphere sensors used  as well as the evaluation of the individual velocity paths according to DIN EN ISO 748 ensure high accuracy.


  • Reliable measurement with high accuracy
  • Accepted by authorities since recording and evaluation of readings are based on international standards

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