Water Supply - Groundwater

Pressure Boost Control

Pressure Boost Control
Two parallel pumps for pressure boost
Pressure Boost Control


  • Independent water supply for industry/community
  • Long supply pipeline of approx. 100 m
  • Pump head approx. 40 m

Definition of tasks

  • Implementation of an industrial water supply using drilled well, pump station, overhead tank and collecting tank
  • A high pump head as well as a supply line length of approx. 100 m have to be coped with.
  • Automatic operation of 2 frequency inverter-controlled pumps for pressure boost in parallel and time-shifted mode using a transmitter
Pressure Boost Control
Water supply with pressure boost
Pressure Boost Control


  • By using a transmitter Type NivuCont Plus it was possible to monitor the collecting tank level and to simultaneously switch the pumps for pressure boost with a time shift.
  • The integrated pump exchange allows to control multiple pumps to ensure even capacity utilisation without any problems.


  • Independent transmitter for complex control tasks
  • Easy system programming even without prior experience

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