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Flow and Analysis Measurement

Flow and Analysis Measurement
NPP in operation
Flow and Analysis Measurement


  • Pipe with 0.3 m diameter, made of HDPE
  • Partially filled
  • Shift production
  • Heavy flow fluctuation
  • Low sedimentation

Definition of tasks

  • Installation of a measurement place for billing purposes including flow rate and pH measurement as well as sampling point upstream of the junction into the municipal channel
  • Accurate measurement of extremely low volumes up to maximum discharge
  • The existing transfer shaft shall be used to install the measurement system
  • Cleaning and control shall be carried out by one single person
Flow and Analysis Measurement
Schematic diagram of NPP including sampling and pH sensor
Flow and Analysis Measurement


  • Using the NIVUS Pipe Profiler (NPP) creates a  high accurate flow measurement which furthermore is able to reliably detect and to compensate sedimentation and obstructions.
  • pH sensor and sampling point have been integrated into the measurement pipe.
  • The elbow segment of the measurement pipe may be folded away for cleaning purposes.


  • Compact and robust combined measurement place
  • Cost effective measurement from the top of the manhole.

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