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Flow Measurement in 8 Cooling Water Intakes

View of installation place
View of installation place
View of installation place


  • 8 rectangular concrete channels, partially operating parallel
  • Dimensions between 2.0 x 2.0 m and 3.0 x 2.0 m (w x h)
  • Permanently full filled at measurement spot
  • Surface water taken from large river
  • Control slide gates downstream

Definition of tasks

  • Flow Measurement for proof of cooling water withdrawal for responsible authorities
  • Control of maximum permissible withdrawal volume at low water levels
  • Detection of distribution of partial volumes
Installed sensors
Installed sensors
Installed sensors


  • All measurement places were equipped with flow measurements based on the transit time (time of flight) principle.
  • Transmitters Type NivuFlow 650 and Type NIS-V300 wedge sensors were used.
  • Each measurement spot was set up as double measurement path with both paths positioned in different heights within the rectangular channel.


  • Reliable measurement
  • Maintenance-free

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