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Cooling Water Flow Measurement

Cooling Water Flow Measurement
Measurement Place
Cooling Water Flow Measurement


  • Rectangular channel 20 x 5 m (w x h)
  • Part filled
  • Walls and bottom made of concrete
  • High oxygen content up to 10 mg/l and temperature layers in the medium

Definition of tasks

  • Investigation of cooling water volumes required for cooling of several large gas generators for waste heat balancing
  • Installation during operation without the need to employ divers
  • No sensor installation on the channel bottom allowed due to the risk of sedimentation
Cooling Water Flow Measurement
Installation Principle
Cooling Water Flow Measurement


  • The flow measurement system Type NivuFlow 650 has been used.
  • A system with 4 crossed paths ensures high reliability and accuracy.
  • Rod sensors installed on the channel walls  ensure easy installation, adjustment and maintenance accessibility.


  • Quick installation at short notice of the complete system during operation without the need for divers
  • High accuracy and reliability

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