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Flow Measurement Big Pipe

Flow Measurement in Plastic Pipe
Outside view of measurement place
Flow Measurement in Plastic Pipe


  • Pipe DN 2400 made of wrapped GRP
  • Part filled
  • Cooling water (seawater) with max. flow rate of 60.00³/h from power plant

Definition of tasks

  • Accurate flow detection at flow velocities up to 6 m/s
  • No holes must be drilled into the plastic pipe


Flow Measurement in Plastic Pipe
Installed CS2 sensor (combi sensor)
Flow Measurement in Plastic Pipe


  • A permanent flow transmitter Type NivuFlow 750 with wall mount enclosure has been used. As accompanying sensor the high-performamce flow velocity sensor Type CS2 utilising the ultrasonic cross-correlation method has been selected.
  • The sensor has been fastened on the pipe bottom using a mounting sheet and a special synthetic resin adhesive.
  • An external ultrasonic level measurement using
  • a NivuNaster L2 with a p10 sensor has been installed additionally as redundant level system.


  • Low installation expenses
  • Reliable and stable measurement in all measuerment ranges

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