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Turbine Intake Flow Measurement

Turbine Intake Flow Measurement
Pipeline down to valley
Turbine Intake Flow Measurement


  • Steel pipeline with 1400 mm diameter
  • Remotely situated and hence no power supply available
  • High flow velocities

Definition of tasks

  • Installation of flow measurement to verify the turbine performance in the pipeline down to valley
  • No holes must be drilled into or mechanical parts must be welded onto the pipeline
  • No system shutdown possible for installation works
Turbine Intake Flow Measurement
Principle of transit time method
Turbine Intake Flow Measurement


  • The portable measurement system NivuFlow 600 CO using the ultrasonic transit time method has been used for this application.
  • No need to interrupt the running process thanks to attaching the sensors on the pipeline outside by using tensioning belts (clamp-on).


  • No interruption of running processes
  • Easy installation
  • Temporary measurement with long lifetime
  • Stable and reliable measurement

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