Wastewater Treatment Plant - Intake Area

Comparative Measurement on Grid Rack

Comparative Measurement on Grid Rack
View of fine rack
Comparative Measurement on Grid Rack


  • Rectangular channel 0.8 x 0.8 m (w x h)
  • Low-pitched sensor installation points
  • Covers on rectangular channels must not be opened
  • Ex zone 1

Definition of tasks

  • Measurement of primary and secondary impoundage to calculate switching thresholds for grid rack operation
  • Maximum primary impoundage has to engage an emergency bypass
  • Level difference, primary and secondary impoundage are to be indicated
  • Forwarding of readings and switching points to following control system
Comparative Measurement on Grid Rack
Application diagram
Comparative Measurement on Grid Rack


  • Using two echo sounders Type NivuCompact with intrinsically safe power supply in connection with the NivuCont Plus transmitter is cost effective and easy to be installed.
  • Clear text menus lead the user through the system configuration process. The complete application parameters can be set up by a few settings.


  • Unproblematic installation through low dead zones of the ultrasonic sensors used (only 12.5 cm)
  • No need to use a PLC thanks to transmitter-integrated complete control algorithms

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