Wastewater Treatment Plant - Intake Area

Flow Measurement with Pontoon

Flow Measurement with Pontoon
Pontoon with holding bar
Flow Measurement with Pontoon


  • Rectangular concrete channel 1.4 x 1.2 m (w x h)
  • Partially filled
  • Sedimentation on channel bottom due to low flow velocities

Definition of tasks

  • Continuous measurement of intake volumes to wastewater treatment plant
  • Consideration of varying sedimentation levels on the channel bottom to ensure a maximum measurement deviation of 5%
  • Measurement shall be installed and maintained under process conditions
Flow Measurement with Pontoon
Construction principle of floating measurement
Flow Measurement with Pontoon


  • This task has been solved using a floating measurement array. The flow here is detected by using the cross correlation measurement method (NivuFlow 750).
  • The floating sensor calculates the flow volume from the detected flow level and the flow profile. Sedimentation layers are detected and compensated automatically.


  • The mechanical components have been manufactured at reasonable costs on behalf of the customer according to NIVUS specifications.

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