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Infiltration Water

Investigation of Infiltration Water in smaller Diameters
Measurement point in channel
Investigation of Infiltration Water in smaller Diameters


  • Pipe with 0.2 m diameter, made of vitrified clay
  • Partially filled
  • Lowest flow volumes
  • Ex zone 1
  • No power supply available

Definition of tasks

  • Continuous flow rate measurement to detect the extraneous water volumes
  • Prioritisation of accurate detection of even lowest flow rates
  • Quick and easy installation required
  • Long lifetime of the portable measurement system
Fremdwasserermittlung in kleineren Nennweiten
Einbauprinzip des Messsystems
Fremdwasserermittlung in kleineren Nennweiten


  • The portable, ex-protected flow measurement system Type PCM Pro has been used.
  • The system has been extended by an additional NIVUS Pipe Profiler (NPP) in order to measure even lowest flow volumes.


  • Easy, straightforward and quick installation
  • High accuracy and reliability
  • Long battery lifetime (more than 30 days)

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