Wastewater Treatment Plant - Preclarification

Separation Layer Measurement

Separation Layer Measurement in Primary Clarifier
Inlet and preclarification
Separation Layer Measurement in Primary Clarifier


  • Rectangular basin 30 m x 8.5 m with two outlet funnels
  • Basin depth 2.8 m
  • Funnel depth 5.8 m

Definition of tasks

  • Sludge discharge control depending on the sludge level
  • Continuous detection of both sludge levels and analog transmission to the control system
  • Cost-efficient measurement system
Separation Layer Measurement in Primary Clarifier
Measuring two separate sludge funnels
Separation Layer Measurement in Primary Clarifier


  • The two-channel version of the NivuScope 2 measurement system has been used to detect two separate sludge levels.
  • Both separate sludge levels have been transmitted to the control system using both current outputs.


  • Maintaining a defined sludge level increases the dry substance concentration and hence increases the efficiency of the digestion tower

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