Channel Networks - Stormwater Treatment Facilities

Collection of Overflow Volume

Overflow Volume on Trough
Overflow sill as trough in basin
Overflow Volume on Trough


  • Stormwater basin with overflow sill constructed as trough
  • Overflow edge constructed as toothed sill
  • No backwater from recipient
  • Overflow into trough from both sides
  • Total length of sill: 24 m

Definition of tasks

  • Detection of overfall volume
  • Creation of Q/H-characteristics for toothed sill according to DIN 19 558
  • Forwarding of detected flow volumes to a process control system
  • Compliance with accuracies required according to DWA
Overflow Volume on Trough
Schematic diagram
Overflow Volume on Trough


  • For this application 2 ultrasonic level meters Type NivuMaster with 2 sensors each have been used for average value measurement .
  • Average values coming from the sensors (combination of 2 sensors left and right of overflow trough) are routed to an universal transmitter (NivuCont). This unit converts the average values into volumes (Q/H-characteristic), summing the values subsequently up as overflow total
  • The total volume output is sent to the process control system (PCS) as analog signal

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