Channel Networks - Stormwater Treatment Facilities

Intelligent Tank Cleaning Control

Tank Cleaning Control Using only 1 Relay
Devices used
Tank Cleaning Control Using only 1 Relay


  • Open stormwater overflow tank
  • Depth 4,0 m
  • Water jets as cleaning instruments

Definition of tasks

  • Detection of tank filling level using a hang-in pressure probe
  • Up to 5 cleaning devices (jet cleaners) shall be controlled 
  • Due to limited space available in the existing switching cabinet the tank cleaning control shall be implemented by using one single transmitter
Tank Cleaning Control Using only 1 Relay
Schematic diagram of tank cleaning control
Tank Cleaning Control Using only 1 Relay


  • The level measurement has been implemented using a transmitter Type NivuCont Plus in connection with a 2-wire pressure probe NivuBar Plus.
  • The NivuCont controls the cleaning instruments depending on level and trend as well as within certain cycles.


  • Cost-efficient tank cleaning using one relay output
  • No PLC required – comprehensive PLC programming through third parties was not necessary

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