Channel Networks - Stormwater Treatment Facilities

Logging of Stormwater Overflow Tank without Mains Power

[Translate to english:] Auswertung des Regenüberlaufs
[Translate to english:] Auswertung des Regenüberlaufs
[Translate to english:] Auswertung des Regenüberlaufs


  • Stormwater overflow basin in main sewer
  • Discharge over concrete sill on basin
  • Remote location without mains power supply

Definition of tasks

  • Detection of basin level events as well as basin discharge including frequency and duration
  • Storage and automatic transmission of data
  • Unobtrusive measurement system with long lifetime
  • Easy and quick creation of month and year protocols, sufficient for presentation at authorities
  • Low acquisition and operation costs with high system availability
[Translate to english:] Ereignisprotokoll
[Translate to english:] Ereignisprotokoll
[Translate to english:] Ereignisprotokoll


  • Due to the risk of vandalism a small battery-buffered data logger Type NivuLog  Easy with integrated GSM modem and a high protection level was used instead of a solar-pwered system.
  • Levels are detected by using a contactless 2-wire low power echo sounder with quick response (4 sec.) which is supplied directly by the data logger.
  • The D2W cloud solution permits to create, print and save protocols on any PC.


  • Low acquisition costs
  • Unobtrusive solution with >2 years of battery life
  • Independent of installed control systems
  • Variable service network without affecting costs

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