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Throttle Monitoring via GPRS

Throttle Monitoring with Transmission of Data and Alarms via GPRS
Throttle equipment
Throttle Monitoring with Transmission of Data and Alarms via GPRS


  • Stormwater overflow tank with discharge control using mechanic throttle equipment
  • Throttle volume: 185 l/s
  • No power supply available

Definition of tasks

  • Continuous measurement and flow rate control on a stormwater overflow tank
  • Detection of low nightly discharges
  • Not more than one additional unit can be installed due to few space available in the switching cabinet
Prinzip der Messung und Datenübertragung


  • A battery-powered GPRS data logger Type NivuLog Easy has been used.
  • Data from an existing level probe are logged additionally in order to detect the tank level .
  • Ultrasonic echo sounders Type NivuCompact have been used at the throttle discharge as well as on the discharge edge. The echo sounders are directly powered by the data logger.
  • Throttle discharge as well as discharge volumes are calculated using a setpoint table stored in the  "Device to Web" (D2W) online portal
  • Alarms are triggered using an instruction list stored in D2W as soon as the pre-set alarm requirements have been fullfilled

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