Industry - Surface mining

Flow Measurement in Gold Ore Processing Plant


  • Stainless steel pipe DN 500
  • Partial filling with heavy fluctuation
  • Acidified, very turbid water (approx. 50 NTU)

Definition of tasks

  • Replacement of a non-functioning clamp-on measurement
  • Continuous flow measurement to control a processing plant for acidified water
  • Reliable measurement at fluctuating level, variable turbidity and acid contents


  • The cross correlation method with digital pattern detection has been used. Here the pollution load does not affect the velocity evaluation.
  • The corrosion-proof pipe sensor Type POA was installed directly from the outside using a welding nozzle bottom upwards flush with the channel bottom. The sensor provides readings on level and flow velocity directly to the transmitter.
  • The transmitter computes the current flow rate and transmits the data via ModBus to the processing plant control system.


  • Easy and uncomplicated retrofitting without dismantling works on existing pipeline
  • Reliable and failure-free measurement, even under heavily fluctuating intake conditions
  • Quick and easy installation and commissioning
  • Programming and commissioning in the national language

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