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Self-sufficient flow measurement

[Translate to english:] Industrie
[Translate to english:] Installiertes NivuLog SunFlow
[Translate to english:] Installiertes NivuLog SunFlow
[Translate to english:] Installiertes NivuLog SunFlow


  • Rectangular channel made of concrete,
  • 2.4 x 1.0 m (w x h)
  • Part filled
  • No power supply

Definition of tasks

  • Detection of the discharge volumes from pit water purification system
  • Automated regular remote data transmission
  • Installation without additional constructions in existing channel
  • No switching cabinet desired (risk of vandalism)
[Translate to english:] Durchflussmessung mit GPRS-Übertragung
[Translate to english:] Durchflussmessung mit GPRS-Übertragung


  • The compact solar-powered measurement station Type NivuLog SunFlow with integrated solar controller, rechargeable battery and GPRS modem has been selected.
  • The flow velocity Doppler sensor with integrated pressure cell for flow level detection has been installed on a plate on the channel bottom and was directly connected to the measurement station without using additional clamping connections.
  • The values recorded (flow velocity, level, temperature and the flow rate calculated on site) are transmitted to the D2W Internet portal via GPRS to save the data.


  • Low installation and startup expenses

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