Wastewater Treatment Plant - Discharge Area

Bypass Flow Measurement

Flow Measurement at Overflow Sill
Top view on measurement place
Flow Measurement at Overflow Sill


  • Stainless steel pipes with 80 mm and 200 diameters
  • Full filled
  • Existing EMF with reduced diameter
  • Backwater formation under full load

Definition of tasks

  • Cost-efficient and accurate measurement even at low flow rates in the 200 mm bypass line and eliminiation of EMF due to frequently flooded facility
  • Implementation without major modifications and additional flanges, stop valves and similar
Flow Measurement at Overflow Sill
Top View on schematic measurement setup
Flow Measurement at Overflow Sill


  • The existing emergency bypass has been replaced by a pipe with 0.2 m diameter and a nozzle. The NFP sensor is installed in the nozzle.
  • It is not necessary to use a stop valve if a ball valve is used. This allows to exchange or to control the sensor under operating conditions.
  • Old measurement remains on site without being dismantled.


  • Easy, straightforward and quick upgrading of existing facilities
  • Higher accuracy at lowest flow velocities, e.g. while measuring nightly minimum discharge

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