Wastewater Treatment Plant - Discharge Area

Flow Measurement in Venturi Flume

Flow Measurement in Venturi Flume
Venturi flume measurement in discharge
Flow Measurement in Venturi Flume


  • Rectangular channel 0.5 x 0.6 m (w x h), made of concrete
  • Part filled
  • Upgrading an existing Venturi flume with a measurement system

Definition of tasks

  • Detection of wastewater treatment plant discharge using existing Venturi flume
  • Output of flow volume to control system
  • Output of volume-proportional m³-impulses for on-site counter
Flow Measurement in Venturi Flume
Schematic diagram of Venturi flume and correct sensor position
Flow Measurement in Venturi Flume


  • A Q/h related ultrasonic volume measurement Type NivuMaster has been installed.
  • In order to maintain the measuring uncertainty as low as possible, an ultrasonic sensor with a very low dead zone (Type P-M3, dead zone 0.07m) has been selected to detect impoundage level.
  • All signals requested by the customer are transmitted from the transmitter to the control system and the on-site counter.
  • The sensor has been installed above the Venturi flume by using a standard wall installation angle.

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