Wastewater Treatment Plant - Discharge Area

Flow Measurement Impoundage Shield

Flow Measurement using Impoundage Shield
Discharge pipe with impoundage shield
Flow Measurement using Impoundage Shield


  • Pipe DN 400, made of stainless steel
  • Part filled
  • Only short measuring section available
  • Low nightly discharge

Definition of tasks

  • Implementation of discharge measurement to replace flat-rate billing using the existing inlet measurement and to save costs
  • Reliable and accurate detection of low flow volumes during the nights
  • Low efforts and expenses for measurement installation
Flow Measurement using Impoundage Shield
Setup of measuring section
Flow Measurement using Impoundage Shield


  • The task has been solved using an OCM Pro CF.
  • The discharge pipe into the recipient has been left unmodified. It now is used as new measuring section
  • A flow velocity sensor with integrated pressure cell for level measurement has been installed using a pipe mounting system.
  • To detect even lowest volumes, an impoundage shield has been installed to constantly create a minimum water level.


  • No facility modification required
  • Sensor fastening without drilling or similar
  • High measuring dynamics between nightly discharge and rainy weather can be measured

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