Wastewater Treatment Plant - Intake Area

Contactless Flow Measurement

[Translate to english:] Ansicht der Messstelle
[Translate to english:] Ansicht der Messstelle
[Translate to english:] Ansicht der Messstelle


  • Concrete channel, width 1.2 m
  • Part filled
  • Measurement point upstream of screen and grit trap
  • High sedimentation loads

Definition of tasks

  • Intake measurement as control measure to avoid WWTP flood
  • Contactless measurement system due to partially high pollution loads
  • Easy installation
  • No Ex required (open, aerated channel)
Contactless Flow Measurement
Schematic representation of the measurement place
Contactless Flow Measurement


  • No sensors can be installed on the channel botton or in floats due to high pollution loads or foam on the surface.
  • The surfaec radar measurement system Type NivuFlow 550 has been used since the measurement is for control purposes only without the need for certification.
  • The system measures the velocity of the surface waves and calculates the current flow rate from this velocity, the measured level and the defined rectangular channel shape.


  • Contactless
  • Insensitive to soiling
  • Easy to install

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