Wastewater Treatment Plant - Sludge Treatment

Hot Sludge Flow Measurement

Hot Sludge Flow Measurement
Heat exchanger
Hot Sludge Flow Measurement


  • Pipe with 0.15 m diameter, made of stainless steel
  • Full filled
  • Medium contains oil and hot sludge
  • High dry substance contents up to 30 g/l

Definition of tasks

  • Continuous measurement of sludge coming from a digestion tower and being pumped through a heat exchanger. Required to detect possible blockage or reduced pump performance and to ensure permanent heat supply for the WWTP social areas.
Hot Sludge Flow Measurement
Measurement place with installed sensor
Hot Sludge Flow Measurement


  • The flow measurement system Type NFP has been used.
  • A hole has been drilled into the existing stainless steel pipe line and a nozzle has been welded. Subsequently the flow velocity sensor has been adjusted and fixed.


  • Easy, straightforward and quick upgrading of existing facilities.
  • High measurement accuracy and reliability despite heavy pollution.

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