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Volume Measurement Overhead Tank

Overhead Tank Intake and Discharge Measurement
Filling and drain pipe with installed sensors
Overhead Tank Intake and Discharge Measurement


  • Pipe with 0.25 m diameter, made of cast iron
  • Full filled
  • Overhead tank featuring one single pipeline and flow in both directions

Definition of tasks

  • Comparison between water volumes consumed within the supply network during daytime and the water volumes refilled during nighttime to detect pipeline breaks or leakage
  • Measurement an a single pipeline featuring bidirectional flow
  • Sensors shall be installed in permanently full iron cast pressure pipelines (no shut-off or draining devices available)
Overhead Tank intake and Discharge Measurement
Installation Principle
Overhead Tank intake and Discharge Measurement


  • A transmitter Type Type NivuFlow 600 has been selected to solve the task.
  • One pair of wetted sensors has been used. These sensors have been screwed into 2 pressure-proof tensioning clamps under operating conditions using a drilling device.


  • Easy, straightforward and quick upgrading without the need to drain the pipe
  • High accuracy and reliability

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