Buried flow measurement without process interruption

Using contactless clamp-on flow sensors, NIVUS installs measurements for its customers without interrupting the process. The measurement works reliably even at low flow rates. Likewise, bidirectional flows are recorded correctly.

And best of all: a new shaft construction is not necessary for this. The measurement technology can be permanently buried in the ground. Our IP68 sensors in combination with durable sensor mounting ensure reliable buried measurements. Coupling pads made of special polymer for permanently reliable acoustic coupling in conjunction with absolute zero point stability of the sensor technology make maintenance unnecessary. Good for hygiene: it is not necessary to open and flush the pipeline, as there is no direct contact with the medium.

This means that flow measurements can also be integrated later into existing processes with minimal effort. This helps operators to better monitor their processes. Typical applications are: leakage detection, balancing, network monitoring and pump monitoring.

The photos show the installation on a 60-year-old DN200 cast iron pipe.


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