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[Translate to english:] The NIVUS mounting system allows for contactless flow metering with easy installation

The manufacturer of measurement systems provides a quick and easy-to-use fastening system for its contactless flow meter systems using clamp-on sensors. This method uses sensors fastened on the outside of the pipe which measure through the pipe wall. The transit time difference method uses two sensors which are installed exactly in a certain distance to each other depending on the conduct diameter.

Installation using the new NIVUS mounting system is intuitive and can be done easily by just one person. Expenses and efforts for sensor alignment can be reduced to a minimum thanks to the perfect interaction between the transmitter setup assistant and the installation device with measure rail. The only thing that needs to be adjusted is the sensor distance since the sensors are aligned in parallel due to the rail system. The sensors can be fastened within a few seconds using quick-release elements.

Another advantage of the fastening system comes into play when the coupling paste needs to be replaced or with other maintenance works. The sensors can be released and repositioned without the need to be realigned by using quick-release elements. There are no additional tools required to mount the system. The fastening system is easy to transport due to its light weight and is also highly suitable for portable measurement systems.

NIVUS provide contactless measurement systems for permanent installation or as self-sufficient solutions for temporary measurements. Areas of use can be primarily found in the water industry. Due to contactless installation the measurement method is particularly suitable for applications featuring very high hygienic standards such as drinking water supply or also for retrofit installation. Temporary measurement installations are mainly used to verify processes or already existing measurement systems.


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