CSM D - Highly accurate in low flow levels

Due to considerable economy measures made in the drinking water sector the discharge volumes within sewage networks decrease significantly. The impact of these measures is far-reaching. The consequences can be directly noticed as lower flow levels during flow measurements in channel networks. Some of the results are the higher risk of sedimentation and the stronger effects of hydraulic disturbances at low flow levels.
NIVUS GmbH respond to this trend with the "Mini" sensor family which recently has been completed by a flow velocity sensor with a built-in pressure measurement cell. This combined solution among other benefits allows an easy sensor installation.
Local velocities are measured in layers by utilizing the patented cross correlation method. This method accurately detects hydraulic disturbances which then will be considered accordingly during flow calculation. Thanks to compact construction of the mini sensors as well as particular algorithms, flow profiles can be detected reliably starting at flow levels as low as 3 cm.
The complete "Mini" sensor series consists of a dedicated flow velocity sensor featuring a minimum overall size. An external ultrasonic sensor installed in the channel crown is used for level measurement. This sensor combination is particularly suitable for infiltration measurement (extraneous water).
The new combi-sensor with its integrated flow velocity and level measurement is perfectly matched for precipitation discharge measurement since it allows to simultaneously detect overflow events occurring.
Due to the high degree of accuracy of the entire measurement system the sensors can be used in many areas of use such as measurement points for billing, intake control and many more.



Highly accurate in low flow levels

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