Easy-To-Operate Flow Meter with high Accuracy

The NivuFlow 600 was designed particularly for flow metering in full pipelines. To meet the highest accuracy requirements it is possible to equip the transmitter with up to 4 measurement paths. Pipe sensors as well as contactless clamp-on sensors are available for various measurement jobs. It is however not necessary to interrupt running processes to install both sensor types. The measurement system is particularly suitable to measure the flow rates of various liquid media in a wide range of applications.

The considerably smaller enclosure, compared to its predecessor, saves space being installed in control cabinets thanks to easy DIN rail mounting. Moreover, the NivuFlow 600 units are available in a special field enclosure designed for use in rough ambient conditions.

The transmitter’s large graphic display permits quick and easy commissioning of the flow meter. It provides extended diagnostic options and allows in-depth analyses of running processes directly on site.

The transmitter software was reprogrammed from scratch. Thanks to using future-proof protocols and versatile options for communication and integration, operators have considerable scope when it comes to integrate the NivuFlow 600 into higher systems such as SCADA or process conducting systems.  

 Please find here more Information about the flow measurment using the transit time method



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