At the 1st of June 1967, company founder Udo Steppe started his own business founding NIVUS. In a time when the first microwave oven was introduced and the first ATMs were put into operation, Udo Steppe began trading in measurement systems for bulk solids and liquids. The beginning of the seventies saw his pioneering work by launching ultrasound technology for industrial level measurement. Contactless level measurement was a novelty back then.

For a long time the company has put the focus on level measurement systems, which shifted to flow measurement in later years however. In the middle of the seventies the company started developing flow measurement devices of its own. In the meantime the product portfolio comprises a wide range of flow metering methods and systems based on ultrasound and radar. In the past years there has been a strong increase in the demand for data transmission and data management. Today the metering specialists provide comprehensive systems for the handling of data starting with data loggers for wireless data transmission through complete process conducting systems.

Right from the beginning of the company history there have been international trade and business relations. In the early nineties the first foreign representation was founded with new subsidiaries being established in the following years. The latest member of the NIVUS family is NIVUS Chile. The South American subsidiary was founded in May of this year. Overall, NIVUS have 9 international representations between Austria and Vietnam and cooperate with 40 distributors all over the world. Almost 125 employees across the globe are working to make sure that the company will exist for at least the next 50 years.



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