Flow Metering using Radar for Ex-Zone 1

The OFR flow sensor by NIVUS GmbH was approved for use in Ex-Zone 1 by TÜV Nord. In addition to ATEX approval required mainly in Europe the company was approved according to IECEx standard which is preferably demanded in English-speaking countries.

This allows contactless flow measurements in many applications including sewers. In order to obtain the Ex approvals a new sensor material was used and the sensor dimensions have been slightly modified. A non-Ex version of the radar sensor continues to remain available.

The flow sensor features IP 68 protection and thus is suitable for use particularly in harsh environments. In addition to the radar sensor NIVUS provide a modular holder bracket made of stainless steel for easy installation. The basic module enables mounting of the radar sensor. An extension allows installation of an extra IP 68 level sensor. Moreover the manufacturer provides an optional casing which covers both sensors in a compact enclosure.

Due to low space requirements the compact housing is suitable for installation even in cramped places or in locations where access is difficult. The contactless measurement and the compact construction of the radar system allow installation without the need to shut down processes.

Flow metering using radar sensors is suitable particularly for applications conducting aggressive or abrasive media. Another feature of the radar measurement system is the use in applications with shooting discharge and low flow levels.

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Press Release "Flow Metering using Radar for Ex-Zone 1"

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