Independent Measurement Data Transmission in Ex Areas

Robust mobile communications data logger for level metering applications
Robust mobile communications data logger for level metering applications

Legal obligations or the desire for enhanced process monitoring require to measure levels even on measurement places where power supply and data transmission are not available. NIVUS as manufacturer of measurement systems introduce a self-sufficient mobile communications data logger, providing a robust system for automated transmission of measurement data with simultaneous sensor power supply. This makes operators independent from available power or data lines.


Thanks to the built-in LTE modem, NIVUS with this data logger provide a consistent connection from the sensor up to the provision of measurement data online including the option to automatically create individual protocols. The data logger is equipped with a multi-roam SIM module per default. Data transmission is provided free of charge for the first year of use. The devices are already registered in the NIVUS Web Portal prior to delivery and hence can be called up there instantaneously – operators benefit from smooth commissioning.


Moreover, the measurement system has options to automatically adjust the measurement cycles to custom-defined events such as in case of overshooting a certain water level. Alarms can be triggered automatically at certain events or in case of sensor errors as well. In addition to tables and charts on readings, the NIVUS Web Portal further provides information on the battery status of the NivuLevel Mobile and hence can be used to schedule maintenance visits resource-friendly and in the most efficient way.

Thanks to energy-efficient measuring algorithms, optimised sensors and high-performance rechargeable batteries the system achieves very long lifetimes. Batteries can be easily replaced by the operator.

Due to IP68 protection rating of level sensors and NivuLevel Mobile unit the system can be used even under extreme conditions. Sensors as well as the data logger can be used in Ex zone 1.

Parameters can be set and the data logger can be operated wireless via smartphone, tablet or notebook on site. In case of bad weather, strong sunlight or difficult access to the measurement place it is possible to set the device parameters from a protected area such as the service vehicle.

Typical applications for the NivuLevel Mobile are event logging in stormwater overflow tanks, level measurements in water bodies or in storage sewers.

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