Large Order from Qatar

The manufacturer of measurement systems is pleased at selling more than 60 metering systems for temporary flow measurement of wastewater and stormwater to the desert state. Including the 20 additional data transmission systems the order is worth some 1.1m €. The self-sufficient flowmeter systems are independent from power supply on site and provide long lifetimes. Furthermore the measurement data are available from anywhere in the world on short call thanks to intelligent data transmission. More criteria for the invitation to tender issued by Ashgal waste disposal company were highest accuracies, high availability of instruments in case of replacement as well as high data security. Moreover, the flow sensors need to be very robust since they will be exposed to wear and tear due to environmental conditions such as humidity, sand, high temperatures as well as high concentration of pollutants. „We are happy that our flow metering systems meet all relevant criteria completely“, says Udo Steppe, company founder and general manager of NIVUS GmbH.

Due to the awarding of the Football World Cup 2022 to Qatar and other reasons, Doha is subject to rapid urban growth. This is why the government regularly needs to perform load tests in wastewater and stormwater sewers. The invitation to tender contained the according monitoring projects for flow measurement campaigns covering a period of one year. These campaigns are required for the calibration of hydraulic models and for leakage detection as well as to determine capacity limits and efficiency rates of sewer systems and special buildings. „Our customer benefits from our almost fifty years of experience both in the products sector as well as in terms of advisory quality “, Steppe explains. The measuring equipment manufacturer will be celebrating the 50th anniversary in the next year.

More Information about the installed flow transmitter PCM Pro and autarcic data logger NivuLog PCM.




Press Release "Large Order from Qatar"

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