Radar Level Sensor for challenging Applications

Introducing the R-Sensors, NIVUS GmbH provides another expansion of the product portfolio in terms of contactless level measurement.

The sensors are suitable for the measurement of liquids, pasty media as well as bulk solids and utilise the latest frequency-modulated continuous wave principle (FMCW) in the 63 GHz band.  

This allows for reliable and accurate measurement results even despite changing temperatures, vapours, dust, mist, gas overlays and other environmental influences. The radar sensors are suitable even for challenging applications featuring condensation or foam formation.

Low dead zones and narrow beam angles permit reliable level measurements even in confined spaces. Thanks to the intelligent false echo avoidance it is possible to reliably hide e.g. obstructions within tanks or silos. By using microwave technology measurements can be reliably performed even outside of plastic containers through the closed top.

Moreover, the compact sensors can be installed quick and easy. The robust, flood-proof enclosure features IP68 protection rating. Measurement can be therefore carried out without interruptions even under harsh environmental conditions. The sensors have Ex approvals for Ex zones 0 and 1 and hence are suitable for installation in explosive areas in wastewater applications.

R-Sensors are compatible with all NivuMaster series transmitters by the same manufacturer. Apart from permanent indication of the current measurement value and options for the setting of parameters and system diagnosis, the transmitters provide further options for the control of various following processes.                                                                                                        

FMCW radar sensors have the edge over pulsed radar sensors due to several advantages. An improved spatial allocation allows for a more accurate detection of objects. Accurate results can be achieved reliably thanks to a wider dynamic range even with large measurement ranges and widely fluctuating levels. The more reliable surface detection permits to use the measurement system in very confined spaces.

Apart from the new radar sensors NIVUS moreover provide contactless level metering systems based on ultrasound and hydrostatic level measurement systems.

The R-Sensors utilise FMCW radar technology


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Press Release "Radar Level Sensor for challenging Applications"

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