Sustainable Measurement System with high Accuracy

The flow measurement system is suitable for continuous flow metering in full pipelines up to DN 800 conducting slight to heavily polluted media.

Redesigning the instrument, the electronic components were updated and the enclosure design was modified visually.

The integrated memory enables the storage of average flow velocity, medium temperature and flow rate covering a period of up to 7 years. The front-side USB interface can be used to read out the saved measurement data as well as the device configuration. 

The system is based on the ultrasonic cross correlation principle and achieves accuracy tolerances comparable to those achieved by magnetic-inductive systems used for the determination flow rates in water and wastewater systems. Depending on the pipe diameter, however, from an environmental point of view savings of up to 95% in raw materials and weight can be made as well as more savings due to reduced packaging and shipping efforts. More raw materials can be saved by eliminating the knife gate valves that are no longer needed within the pipeline system. The sensors can be installed while the system is running. The consistently compact size of the NIVUS metering system for all pipe diameters up to DN 800 results in lower inventory requirements for the manufacturer’s customers and hence additionally reduces logistics expenditure. The NIVUS flow metering system stands out for easy installation and commissioning. This is particularly apparent for retrofitting purposes since pipelines do not need to be emptied to install the system.

The high accuracy of the ultrasonic cross correlation method is based on minimum delayed detection of floating particles such as air bubbles or dirt particles in the medium. Due to its specific shape each particle features a unique acoustic signature which is used to measure the velocity. Determining the flow distribution within the pipe by evaluating up to 16 individual flow velocities permits to accurately detect and to evaluate the real flow conditions at the measurement spot independent from the medium conductivity.


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