Test Channel for large Measurement Ranges

Certifications of our measurement systems are necessary for many of our customers and are another acknowledgement of our work for us. One of our next projects is to obtain MCERTs certification for our large-range flow sensors such as the CS2 sensors. Currently, however, there are only a few labs worldwide capable of implementing verification measurements in filling levels of 2 m and higher. This is why we decided to invest in an adequate channel of our own.

The task to implement the extension of the test lab was given to the Technical University of Brno/Czech Republic (Faculty of Civil Engineering) due to their proven expertise in this area. The concept was created by Ing. Michal Zouzela (Ph. D.) of the University of Brno who also has managed the assembly of the new measurement channel.

The complete channel features a height of 2.4 m, a width of 0.5 m and a length of 6 m.

The initial official measurements in the new channel were carried out in April 2017. Conducted by Dr. Laurent Solliec of NIVUS several measurement tasks for large measurement ranges were executed using our CS2 sensors. The filling levels during this stage were between 0.5 m and 2.15 m with flow rates ranging from 50l/s to 200 l/s. Results are very promising and the MCERTS certification of this constellation is easily achievable.

The measurement channel is to be installed permanently in the headquarters in Eppingen after the building extension has been finished.


We will keep you informed.

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