Flow Measurement using Transit Time Method

Flow Measurement using Transit Time Method

Transit Time Method

  • For clean to slightly polluted media
  • Complies with IEC 60041/EN ISO 12242/EN ISO 6414
  • Very high measurement accuracy


Average flow velocity and flow cross section are required to determine the flow Q. This leads to the general formula:

Q = v (average) • A

The flow cross section A is determined by continuously measuring the filling level taking the channel shape as well as the channel dimensions into account.
The average flow velocity within the flow cross section is determined by using the velocities found in one or more measurement paths. The higher the number of measurement paths used, the higher the measurement accuracy.


Your Benefits

  • Single-path or multi-path measurement
  • Great range of sensors, suitable for each application
  • Our measurements comply with EN ISO 6416 and IEC 60041

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