Level measurement

We provide reliable continuous non-contact level measurement using radar, ultrasound or hydrostatically by using pressure cells as well as reliable measurement of level detection. Our ultrasonic or hydrostatic level measurement systems reliably and accurately detect the levels of liquid media.

Continuous non-contact level measurement of liquids and sludges

NIVUS, as a manufacturer for continuous, non-contact level measurements, provides reliable measurement systems for media such as liquids and sludges. The non-contact radar and ultrasonic level measurement are a part of the continuous level measurement. Our radar and ultrasonic level products, among other things, are equipped with intelligent and self-learning echo evaluation functions. The continuous level measurement product line moreover comprises hydrostatic level measurement, which is focused on reliable and accurate level detection in liquid media and gases by using pressure cells. 


Reliable detection of limit level detection

Our limit level detection or limit level measurement products use the conductive method, dynamic pressure or a float switch to detect attaining the limit levels set.


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