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Software NivuDat 32

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It is possible to directly import measurement data from NivuDat to NivuSoft. However the new NivuDat32 needs to be installed first.


Software PC Suite 1.7.1

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The software package contains the following components: UltraPC (NivuMaster as from 6.x.x), BlackBox PC (NivuMaster L-2 as from 1.4.8), NivuCompact PC (NivuCompact as from 1.3.) and NivuScope 2 PC (NivuScope 2 as from 1.02)


Software PaDa Setup

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This tool is for read-out and input of parameters for OCM F, NFP and NivuSolid under Windows 2000, XP and Vista (32-Bit version).


Software D2W xPathClient

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D2W xPathClient V 2.201 - this software tool is for the automatic download of measurement data in TSV, CSV or TXT format to a dedicated directory.

Brochure NivuFlow 750

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High accurate flow measurement for slightly polluted and dirty media in part filled and full pipes, channels and more.

Prospekt NivuFlow 750

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Hochgenaue Durchflussmessung für leicht verschmutzte und verschmutzte Medien in Voll- und Teilfüllung

Fiche technique UniBar E

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Brochure Best of Flow

Brochures/fiches techniques Français

NIVUS GmbH with New Website

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NIVUS GmbH startet new website with many new features.


NIVUS GmbH with new website

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Nous sommes heureux de vous accueillir ! Pour toute question concernant l'eau ou la numérisation, nous sommes heureux de répondre à votre appel ou à votre Email. L'équipe NIVUS
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