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OCL Air-Ultrasonic Sensor

Level Sensors OCL Air-Ultrasonic Sensor Part No. OCL for level measurement in combination with flow measurents Intelligent air-ultrasonic sensor for connection to flow transmitters such as NivuFlow 750, OCM Pro and PCM for non-contact level measurement in part filled flow measurement places. Descrip

Brochure Nos solutions pour l'hydroélectricité

Brochures / Data Sheets French

Information technique Adaptateur pour Convertisseur de mesure de débit NivuFlow Mobile 750 Rev. 00

Instruction Manuals / Technical Information French

Instruction Manual "NivuMaster L2" Rev. 06

Instruction Manuals / Technical Information English

RI-Series Software

Software German English

Version 1.4.0


Press release "NivuFlow Stick specifications confirmed and validated at the METAS tow tank"

Miscellaneous English

Ausschreibungstext Ri-Serie Sensor

Texts for Tender Specification German

Ausschreibungstext NivuFlow 750

Texts for Tender Specification German

Pressemeldung "NivuFlow Stick Spezifikationen im METAS Schleppkanal bestätigt und validiert"

Miscellaneous German
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