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NIVUS Sensors

NIVUS Sensor At the heart of our offering is the development of reliable, field-proven and highly accurate measurement systems that are precisely tailored to the application requirements and conditions on site. Flow Measurement Flow measurement involves measuring the quantity of a liquid that flows

Simple and accurate flow measurement of surface water bodies in accordance with ISO 748:2021

Water and environmental agencies carry out discharge measurements in accordance with ISO guidelines and ISO 748 outlines methods for determining the velocity and the cross-section area in open channels as well as procedures for calculating the discharge. In the new 2021 edition of ISO 748, the NIVUS

Seepage Measurement in Dam

Seepage Measurement in Dam Flowing Waters - Flood Protection Application Dam wall 130 years old, approx. 500 m length, made of quarry stone with clay core Gallery inside of dam wall to check seepage volumes Seepage volumes ranging from ml/s to l/s Currently seepage water volumes are manually determi

20 Years of ISO 9001 Certification

Due to the uncompromising focus on quality the specialists for flow measurement systems and level meters are able to sustain a front position on the market. "Our appreciation of quality is a comprehensive concept going far beyond mere product quality", the managing director Marcus Fischer says. The

NIVUS WebPortal

Software Solutions NIVUS WebPortal Part No. The NIVUS WebPortal is a comprehensive data management system for storage and provision of measured data. Thanks to storage on the web portal there are versatile options available to analyse readings, for system verification, data forwarding and alerting u

NIVUS Sphere

NIVUS Sphere Digital, networked measurement solutions for water, wastewater and environmental technology Welcome to the NIVUS Sphere - our comprehensive world of products, services and support. We have clearly arranged our comprehensive range of products so that you can quickly access the extensive

Measurement data portal

NIVUS Measurement Data Portals Measurement data acquisition and data management NIVUS offers two different measurement data portals for easy access to the measurement data. The NIVUS web portal and D2W are convenient data management systems for storing and providing measurement data. NIVUS WebPortal

Case Studies

Case Studies Our case studies provide a deeper insight into the product and service solutions that we have realised together with our customers. The starting point in each case was a complex task into which we familiarised ourselves. Our solutions are designed to relieve our customers in their daily

Precipitation Measurement with GPRS Transmission

Precipitation Measurement with GPRS Transmission Channel Networks - Fix Installation Measurements Application Investigation of precipitation volumes for billing purposes within a water association consisting of several communities Setup of 7 precipitation measurement spots to detect stormwater volum

Flow Measurement in large Collector Duct

Flow Measurement in large Collector Duct Channel Networks - Fix Installation Measurements Application Trapezoid canal with dry weather flume and sloping bottom, 10 m x 2.5 m (w x h) Part filled Old concrete Lateral inflow upstream of measurement place Definition of tasks Detection of combined sewage

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