NivuFlow Mobile

robust - self-sufficient - online

Always connected

Our NivuFlow Mobile units "phone home" regularly and they do it all by themselves. With the aid of a built-in modem measurement data are automatically transmitted to the NIVUS Web Portal using the most powerful mobile services network available. This is from where the readings can be called up easily by simply using a web browser. The is no more need for service personnel to visit measurement places only to read out data. This saves time. Moreover, it is possible to set alarms e.g. if individually defined limit values are exceeded, in error cases or for rechargeable battery monitoring. Data transmission is reliable and approved even for critical environments. 


  • Automatic and reliable data transmission
  • Secured communication
  • Readings available at any time via NIVUS Web Portal
  • Individually definable alerting

For clean and dirty

Whether clean water or dirty water, our NivuFlow Mobile devices are able to cope with any medium. 
Various flow metering technologies such as ultrasonic cross correlation or ultrasonic transit time difference provide reliable measurement results. The radar version is planned for 2020. A level metering system is also  a part of our product range. This way, our NivuFlow Mobile metering systems can be used with all standard applications. The usable sensor systems allow for contactless measurements as well as for measurements with wet sensors.


  • Flow measurements in clean or turbid water as well as in wastewater
  • Flow measurements in almost any channel shape and application
  • Various measurement technologies for optimum results

Tough performer

Even demanding environments cannot harm our NivuFlow Mobile. Whether flooding or impacts hitting the housing, NivuFlow Mobile is a tough performer which reliably provides measurement data. Due to  encapsulated or potted electronic components the instrument is protected against moisture leaking in even when the lid is open. Thanks to Ex protection NivuFlow Mobile units can be used in Ex Zone 1 areas too.  


  • Ex Zone 1
  • Waterproof according to IP68
  • Robust enclosure


NivuFlow Mobile is a true long-distance runner. Equipped with up to two rechargeable battery packs the transmitter provides an endurance of well over a year depending on the application while simultaneously powering the sensors. The battery packs can be easily and quickly replaced by operators for long-term measurements on site. This permits to implement permanent measurements even on measurement places where no mains power is available with reasonable costs.


  • Very long battery life 
  • Quick and easy battery replacement without interruption of operation
  • Battery status information online via NIVUS web portal
  • Alternative mains operation (AC or DC) possible

No display - many displays

While NivuFlow Mobile is designed without a built-in display, it can be operated with any smartphone, tablet or notebook whatsoever. Use any standard web browser without the need for extra software or particular apps. In case of poor weather, strong sunlight or limited access to measurement places parameters can be set reliably and conveniently from safe areas such as service vehicles. The intuitive menu strucure and the quick start assistant allow even inexperienced users to easily operate the system.


More information on our NivuFlow Mobile units

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