Non-Contact Level Measurement

The range of our non-contact radar and ultrasonic level measurement systems comprises radar and ultrasonic sensors and meters. The ultrasonic sensors range from the i-Series sensors, the NivuCompact echo sounder to the P-Series sensors and the OCL air-ultrasonic sensor. The R-Series operates with radar technology.

Level Meter

Level Sensors

NIVUS manufactures non-contact radar and ultrasonic level measurement products. The product range comprises contactless sensors and meters. Sensors such as the NivuCompact echo sounder can be used at any place where reliable non-contact level measurement is required. Due to the non-contact measurement system, the P-Series sensors are very low in maintenance and among other areas are used for level and flow measurement in the water and wastewater field. The radar sensors are suited well for challenging applications. Since i-Series sensors and meters share a fully encapsulated enclosure, the system can be installed very easily featuring low space requirements. Pre-programmed measurement range steps virtually eliminate the need for extensive programming measures. The sensors can be connected directly to any PLC, NIVUS GPRS-data loggers and all systems processing readings featuring active mA-inputs.

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