Level Sensors

Ri-Series Sensors

Part No. RI

2-wire radar sensor for level measure­ments

2-wire level sensors with FMCW radar technology for measurement of critical level applications, with Ex-Certification.


  • Intelligent 2-wire FMCW radar for direct connection to following systems 
  • Commissioning with smartphone, tablet or PC via web-based user interface
  • Narrow beam angle with only 6 degrees
  • LED status indication for installation support and function messages 
  • ATEX approval for Zone 0/1


Reliable and robust

The Ri-Series 2-wire sensors with FMCW radar technology provide ac­curate monitoring of liquids in standard and critical measurement applications, ensure absolute operational reliability and minimise costs through very low maintenance and service requirements. Highest reliability for level measure­ments under the most difficult environ­mental conditions due to very narrow beam angle and protection class IP68.

Typical Applications


Stormwater overflow tanks and sewer storage spaces, sedimentation tanks, pump stations, screening systems, flow measurements, volume measurements in tanks, container monitoring, irrigation systems

Drinking Water 

Tank level measurements, water treatment, seawater desalination plants, level measurements

Flood Protection

Stormwater retention basins, levels with remote data transmission, surface water bodies

Power Generation

Cooling water circuits, hydropower plants


Containers and basins of any kind

Benefits FMCW Radar Technology

  • No influence by temperature fluc­tuations, wind, pressure or super­imposed gases
  • For applications with foam surface or vortex formation
  • Continuous surface detection

Unique and secure web-based user interface via Bluetooth

With a web-based user interface, the Ri sensor offers a simple and conven­ient way to change parameters, dis­play echo curves and change the Bluetooth range. This web app is accessible via any browser on any operating system (Windows, Android or iOS). Compared to a conventional app, no software and associated up­dates need to be installed.

Link to the user-interface: https://www.nivus.de/ri-app/


A HART device DTM (Device Type Manager) is also available for the sensors, with which parameterisation is possible via the manufacturer-independent PACTware adjustment software.


PC Software via HART

Manual false echo blanking can be carried out via PC software if required. In addition, all important parameters for measurement range adjustment can be optimised and documented.

LED Indicator

During installation, the LEDs show at which mounting position the sensor gets the best signal. This allows for a comfortable and easy installation of the sensor. In measurement mode, the LEDs also show whether the meas­­­ure­ment is working properly.


Mounting is easy via the 1" BSP/NPT thread on the back. The sensors are also optionally available with a 1" front thread made of PVDF.


Technical Data
Startup time

Cold boot = 10 seconds

Warm boot = 5 seconds

Power consumption

3.8 − 22 mA, resolution 1μA, Max Start-up Current: 20 mA


2 mm


1 mm

Beam angle

Measurement principle


Measurement range

75 mm up to 8 m or up to 20 m

Measurement frequency

V-Band (63 GHz)


1,5 kg


Quad-color lights with tilt sensor


Encrypted Bluetooth with mobile interface, Wireless Range 4 − 40 m (13.1 ft − 31.2 ft / User Configurable )


4 − 20 mA, HART with DTM

Cable lengths

Standard: 5 m, 10 m, 20 m, 30 m, 50 m or 100 m (16.4 ft, 32.8 ft, 65.5 ft, 98.4 ft, 164 ft or 328 ft)


Zones 0, 1, 2: Ex II 1G Exia IIC T4 Ga, Tamb.= −40°C to +80°C

Zones 20, 21, 22 : Ex II 1D Exia IIIC T100 °C Da, Tamb.= −40°C to +80°C


IP68 / NEMA 6P

Process connection

Rear 1-inch BSP / NPT

Optional: Front 1.5-inch BSP / NPT

Housing Material


Power supply

12 − 28 V DC

Specifications subject to change.


Brochure Ri-Sensors

Accurate and reliable level measurement with radar technology

Instruction Manual "Ri-Series Sensor"


RI-Series Software

Version 1.11.0


Ri-Series Communication-DTM for parameterization with PACtware

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