NIVUS Monitoring

Our experts take over the implementation of your measurement campaigns on a temporary or permanent basis. This includes the preliminary inspection and suitability test of your measurement place as well as the installation and operation of the required measurement systems. After completion of the measurement campaign, we prepare a detailed report with qualified data. We are also happy to take over the permanent measurement operation for you with permanent or portable measurement systems, including protocol creation and maintenance. In this way, you receive qualified and verified data from a very high-quality sensor system that is correctly installed and operated by professionals, without having to use your own resources.


Examples for Measurement Tasks

Possible applications are, for example, the measurement of dry weather discharges for the determination of extraneous water, the determination of data for wastewater heat utilisation, hydraulic tests or the verification of flow measurements or throttle devices as well as automated grid measurements for the calibration of flow measurements.


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