We plan the future every day

We plan the future every day

With our own research and development division

New things never come out of nothing. Those who want to achieve progress need to step ahead. This is why our team of physicists, engineers and technicians is committed to integrating our customer’s requirements into their daily work. This is where the course for tomorrow’s measurement technology is set.

State-of-the-art test equipment

Our precision in the area of research and development is well known. State-of-the-art test systems, specially built, allow the performance of extensive test series for new technologies. For example, a hydrophone test rig specially designed in close cooperation with the university of Ulm, Germany permits to visualize ultrasonic beams.

This allows even more efficient alignment of transmitter and receiver modules. Improved adjustment, as well as options to align components transmitting ultrasound even more accurately, provides high-quality measurement results, which could not be achieved using previous methods. 

A custom-built test channel with a length of 10 m and a flow capacity of 200 l/s is used to research flow conditions and hydro-dynamic relations. This is where we simulate hydraulic conditions just as they occur in reality on site. Gaining a better understanding of the processes within systems conducting water is paving the ground for developments providing crucial benefits in practice.

NIVUS regularly invests in the future of the in-house test labs. Not least, this is why we at NIVUS are a worldwide technology leader in the field of contactless ultrasonic measurement systems.

Approvals and concrete applications

Thanks to holding a large number of permits and approvals (e.g. Ex, IEC Ex, MCerts, UL / CSA) our measurement systems enable us to create highly customised solutions.

Apart from merely developing sensors, electronic components and software, we are particularly interested in the specific conditions prevailing on site. The result is a constant flow of new ideas, improving the performance of existing products or allowing new technologies to make their breakthrough.  

Facing future demands is a constant source for new tailored solutions in close cooperation with international universities and high schools.

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